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better world and innovation

Project Drive

We are all firm believers in change and our vision is that we are all somehow innovation seekers. This is why, our project enables every person with a pioneer mindset to become both a blockchain investor and a climate change partner on the road to a better world and innovation in the field of renewable energy.

EV represents the synergy between digital property and green energy. When you buy an EV NFT, you own a digital collection and access to the development of renewable energy production that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Let's be clear, this is a pilot-project developed with the experience of our team in the field of renewable energy and the influence of blockchain to the present technologies. What makes us so confident that we will fulfill our mission?

Two main points:


Our team, experience, out of the box thinking, a collective 35+ years of business operations, financial understanding, commercial know-how, and idea generation in the field of renewable energy.


Our willingness to do the hard work, a different way of doing things day after day until we achieve our goals.

investor focused


EV intends on building a photovoltaic park and not only contribute to Europe’s goal of being carbon neutral, but also reward its NFT holders by selling the green energy produced and return profits via Maiar / Elrond wallet in EV token.

The business model is investor focused, our aim is to generate a Return on Investment and scale the project by building a product and creating a strong brand identity. Your advantage is extraordinary, especially in relation with the price. At home or at your company's office, you have a capped price. We effectively offer you the energy value at the average market price.

As an example, in January-September 2022, the weighted average price of energy was 262 Euro/MWh compared to 161 Euro/MWh which is the maximum you could have on your current electricity bill.

Whether you are an individual or a small entrepreneur thinking of taking advantage of the benefits of renewable production, we have designed an ecosystem through which together we can develop photovoltaic energy production units. We have thought about everyone's role in this project, you will definitely find yourself participating in this project.

Use of Funds

Construction of the
Renewable Energy Park
Marketing Budget
Research and Development
Team Budget

How it works

Get your unique vampire nft

nft collection

Genesis Collection: When it comes to mythical creatures, no doubt vampires are one of the most popular and powerful creatures. For over 100 years, the vast majority of vampire fiction showed the influence of Dracula, a vampire with self-healing and regeneration powers, weakened by sunlight exposure, hence the resemblance with the name of our project.

Although Dracula lived in the land of Transylvania - Romania, hence our inspiration for traditions, the artwork was split in 4 factions: Eastern Europe/ Sub-Saharan Africa/ Middle East/ Far East Asia, considering that there are vampires stories all around the world.

earn passive income

Investment Opportunity

The Genesis PFP NFT (9292 units) grants early adopters and holders the highest level of Energy Vampires membership and priority to exclusive benefits such as DAO participation, TOKEN allocation, premium access to top events in the field of green energy in Europe as well as in the United States, renewable asset development courses and free implementation of a renewable assets project in the next 5 yrs.

The real utility of the project is that it will actively participate in Energy transition following European (Fit55) provisions. So if you want to participate in the energy transition and earn a passive income, then this is the project to invest in!

EV will use the funds raised from the NFT sale to build a photovoltaic park which means they will act as a VC giving the small investors the opportunity to invest in renewable energy for the price of an NFT.

Reinvestment Report

EV NFT Collection Pcs
Buget 85% from Funds
Cost for 1 MWp
MWp to be build Budget / Cost
Quantity  Produced MWh (annually)
Energy  Market Price $
Total  Income $
Total  Expense OPEX + CAPEX $
Total  Income $ - Expense $
renewable energy is mandatory


The current EU policy framework regarding energy from renewable sources has highlighted the opportunities given by the implementation of this type of energy in the coming years with the support of blockchain technologies.

According to the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, increased use of renewable energy is mandatory to reduce both carbon emissions and the EU's dependence on fossil fuels and energy imports.

With all these premises, the EU has set a milestone regarding the strategic objective of our project, alleviating at the same time the level of skepticism resulting from the idea of ​​combining these 2 types of technologies. Thus, together with the Energy Vampires community, we want to actively participate in the transition to Green Energy, by creating a business model that encourages the consumption and production of energy from solar source. Later, its sale on dedicated markets in order to obtain profit for investors is imminently plausible in the conditions of the large gap between demand and supply.

The numbers show that the Global Renewable Energy Market Size was valued at USD 881.70 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 1.930 trillion by 2030. Solar PV and wind power are expected to account for 2/3 of renewables growth, so we are in the most favorable economic context we could aim for.

Funds will be used in the benefit of the investor pre- and post-development of the Power Unit

Revenue Streams

Phase 1

Until Solar Park development
% of Royalties will be equally distributed to holders
APR from NFT Staking
Token Airdrop for early adopters
Partnerships with disruptive renewable energy projects (early stages); Profits will be distributed back to community
Green pass to partner projects (Crypto or Renewable Energy related)

Phase 2

After Solar Park development
APR from NFT staking paid in $Token
Bonus rewards for long term holders
100% of profit after energy sale distributed to holders
EV DAO launch to allow NFT holder to participate directly in governance
Free business plan for photovoltaic panels for your home and possibility to install with our partners


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take our project. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Q1 2022
  • Ideation and Project plan
  • NFTs design
  • Twitter, Discord and Telegram launch
  • Website and first Whitepaper reveal
  • Starting the first Marketing campaign
Q2 2022
  • Partnership with CryptoNezo
  • Partnership with NewLegalWay
  • Collaboration with fellow Elrond projects
  • Public Press releases
  • NFT collection listed on XOXNO
  • Strategic Sale of 200 NFTs for whitelisted early Investors
Q3 2022
  • Team expansion
  • Creating the Litepaper for the big project
  • Planning to introduce a utility token in our system
  • Building the new website
  • Paving the road for the Public Sale
Q4 2022
  • Revealing the new Website
  • Onboarding new colleagues for Social Media and Communications
  • Public Sale announcement (date and prices)
  • Meeting Elrond builders, founder and investors at X-Day Paris
  • Collabs and Giveaways for community
  • Launching the Reward System for NFT holders after Public Sale
Q1 2023
  • Implementing "Phase 1" of the project rewards
  • Launching the NFT collection on different marketplaces
  • Token research with development team
  • Renewable asset or "Ready to Build" project acquisition research
  • Collaborations with Renewable Energy projects
Q2 2023
  • Opening a corporate exchange account
  • Legal procedures for Holding and solar park SPV
  • Open-Day event with the team and community
  • Renewable asset or "Ready to Build" project acquisition depending on market conditions
  • Roadmap adjustment
distribute income and rewards



As we stated before, the long-term vision of our team is to ensure a smooth synergy between digital property on Elrond blockchain and the green energy investment opportunities for our community members. For this to happen,  our project needs a core value, a token design process to achieve the ecosystem’s set goals, being clear that tokenization can spell new benchmarks for the asset management industry.

Furthermore, the rapid scalability of digitalization also calls our company to consider asset tokenization in a proper manner. Thus, by issuing our own token,  the ecosystem will function more efficiently considering that EV Token will allow the automated economic processes to distribute income and rewards between all the participants.

The token will have a core usefulness in the ecosystem and should encourage participants to accept and use the system, which ultimately affects the increase in the value of the token, its turnover, and an increase in the number of ecosystem participants.

EVT will be a community owned token, no previous private sales will be held and the Treasury will be governed by the top accounts staking EVT/NFT once the network has become sufficiently decentralized, so most of the whole supply will always be in the hands of investors.

The main goal

to tune investors to the long-term goals of the project and not immediate profit. The logical elaboration of the tokens flow and game rules in the ecosystem will block speculators and encourage investors who focus on the fundamental objectives of the project.

responsibility & professionalism

about us

VIA RENEWABLE  S.R.L.  is the legal entity that owns and lead the entire project structure development and growth.  The roots of our company are based on the principle of responsibility and a high level of professionalism. 

We know that any project aspiring to be a long-term success needs a tax and legal foundation. This is why we apply our transparency policies regarding the legal and tax provisions to maintain the high standards that guide our activities.  

Our company wants to become a model to follow in the transition stage towards renewable energy through innovation.

Team and Advisors

Meet the team behind the project. We encourage you to connect with us and say "hi!"

ionut vasilică


CCO Power Markets and Renewable Energy Sector

Andrei Daoud


Digital Transformation Expert   in Renewable Energy

Valentin Albu


Head of Power Trading & Market Access Manager

Robert Tuvec


Cybernetics and Social Media Manager

Bianca Dobre

Communications Specialist

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Bogdan Nav

Business Strategy and Legal Expert

Cybercrime Specialist. Previously Senior Legal Officer

John Prisecariu

Creative Director

Founder of Wavertise - Creative Digital Agency

Project Partners

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